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P20 200ml SPF 20 Once A Day Sun Protection Lotion by Riemann


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P20 200ml sun protection by Riemann offers complete constant protection for a full day in the sun. Simply apply fifteen minutes before sun exposure and the lotion gives you SPF20 protection that will last for ten hours, and there's no need to reapply after swimming or throughout the day!

Editor's Review: P20 200ml is the quintessential 'once-a-day' sun lotion, and one of the top selling tanning products on Fragrance Mad. The first generation of P20 was used by the British Army who, when on long outdoor exercises, didn't have time to repeatedly re-apply sun lotion every few hours or if they got wet. Although it worked brilliantly, you still had to wait up to an hour before exposing your skin to the sun, which could be frustrating if you're on holiday and eager to run down to the beach.

Since the early days, P20's unique formula has been enhanced and redeveloped, and now the lotion's sunscreen become active just fifteen minutes after application, and lasts for up to ten hours! That may seem like a lot of sunshine, but in many hot countries you can still get mild sunburn in the early morning or evening, despite the relatively cooler temperatures at those times of day.

Unlike many other sun lotions, you can apply P20 and not have to worry about it coming off in the pool as it's fully water resistant. You have to watch how you dry yourself, as rubbing yourself dry with a towel can cause the lotion to lose its effectiveness. The recommended way to dry yourself is by simply patting yourself dry with a towel, which keeps the P20 formula intact on your skin. The rest of the tanning industry has been playing catch-up ever since P20 first hit the market and, while there are some excellent alternatives around now, P20 is still the original and best once-a-day tanning solution.

Manufacturer's Information: P20 200ml is a quick-drying, clear, liquid sun protection with photo stable UVA and UVB filters in a unique formulation. P20 offers ten hours protection and remains very water resistant, even after frequent swimming throughout the day. P20 has a Sun Protection Factor of 20, offering ten hours' protection and a slower, gradual tanning. P20 provides:

Once-a-day application; 10 hours protection Clear liquid. Quick drying. No white marks Sun protection factor 20 P20 is highly water-resistant; even after swimming frequently throughout the day Active 15 minutes after application Free from added fragrance, colourants and preservatives P20 is ideal for individuals who burn easily




P20 is the only sub lotion I use now. Other lotions don't seem to last as long as P20 does. I also love the way it smells!

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